11 Extraordinary Vintage "Teen Magazine" Covers

Never before have we seen such a weird combo of rad, vintage imagery with totally WTF cover lines. Be thankful you had Teen Vogue.

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Here, some "Teen Magazine" covers from the '60s and '70s.

What we wouldn't give to be able to read them all cover-to-cover. Since we can't, we can at least guess at what was inside.

1. No Diet. Chubby Chicks Look Slimmer In Minutes! How?


The obvious answer here would be Spanx. But since those weren't around back then, our next best guesses: fun house mirrors, sucking in your gut, chopping off your entire behind.

3. Judo And The Single Girl


An inspiring tale of how Carrie Bradshaw was able to find happiness, not through a man, no, but through the ancient Japanese combat art: Judo. And the uniforms are cute, too!

10. D'Jeaver Eat A Hoagie?


Elvis, Shmelvis. What's way more interesting is the cover line, D'Jeaver Eat A Hoagie? We're dying to know the answer. But even more important: Who is this D'Jeaver?