11 Extraordinary Vintage "Teen Magazine" Covers

    Never before have we seen such a weird combo of rad, vintage imagery with totally WTF cover lines. Be thankful you had Teen Vogue.

    Here, some "Teen Magazine" covers from the '60s and '70s.

    What we wouldn't give to be able to read them all cover-to-cover. Since we can't, we can at least guess at what was inside.

    1. No Diet. Chubby Chicks Look Slimmer In Minutes! How?

    2. How To Be An Actress Part I: Via Broadway

    3. Judo And The Single Girl

    4. Love — Computer Style. Are You Ready For It?

    5. Kathy Davis & Furry Friend

    6. The Pow-Wow Look. Fringe Benefits — Cowboys And Indian Clads

    7. The Weight-Ing Game

    8. He Loves Me...He Loves Me Not. Find Out!

    9. Confucius Say: "Girl With Fall Have Ball!"

    10. D'Jeaver Eat A Hoagie?

    11. Latest Hairdo! One Setting Lasts A Week