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    10 Dating Truths As Told By Clarissa Darling

    Clarissa Explains It All totally got the dating experience right. Here's proof that not much has changed since the '90s.

    Here, wisdom plucked directly from an old Clarissa Explains It All episode (called "Blind Date" from Season 3) dealing with the horror that is dating:

    1. After 99 percent of your blind dates, you go home feeling like you could have done something way more productive or fun with your evening.

    2. The odds are against you.

    3. You've done your fair share of dating guys for the wrong reasons.

    4. If you're doing online dating, the littlest thing will make you dismiss someone. Like they're in a cult or have a weird name.

    5. It only takes a few seconds with someone to know whether you're into them. (The problem is that you begin to doubt your initial impressions after two drinks.)

    6. When you complain about being single to your non-single friends, they just assume that you're being close-minded.

    7. You'd rarely admit this aloud...but part of you takes pleasure in recounting the hilarity of bad dates.

    8. You've just assumed you're single because most of the world is crazy, but after enough failures, you can't help but wonder if the problem is you? (It's not. You're all good.)

    9. Providing filler for awkward pauses on a date is literally the worst, most embarrassing thing ever.

    10. There's a distinct possibility you've already met your soulmate. I mean, isn't it time to admit that you're in love with your best friend?

    Here's the full Clarissa episode on blind dating. Watch your dating life unfold before your very eyes.

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