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    Politicians Think The Public Don’t Want A Deal To Stop Climate Change. They’re Wrong.

    We're way more worried about climate change than politicians seem to realise.

    The world's heating up

    And it's about to get a lot hotter.

    Already, people are feeling the effects of climate change

    And yet we're still pumping out greenhouse gases faster than ever

    While politicians are nowhere near a deal to slow them down

    Which is fine for politicians, because their voters don't care about climate change, right?


    People might not say that climate change is the most important thing facing the country today, like the economy...

    ... but 90% of us still think that climate change is real ...

    ... and all over the world, people are worried about it ...

    ... and want their governments to sign a deal to cut emissions.

    In fact, we're ready to take action ourselves

    And we're happy to have wind turbines near our homes - in fact compared with any other energy source, we're positively ecstatic about wind turbines.

    But we know we can't do it on our own and, above all, we want politicians to stop wasting time and start dealing with climate change right now.