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14 Of The Most Weirdly Satisfying Images On The Internet

Get ready to feel weird. But #Goodweird.

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1. Who knew vegetables could bring so much joy?

3. You could just watch this forever.

4. Presenting, the INFINITE model train:

5. Here are some dirty old shoes that definitely don't need putting away.

simonebaruzzi / Getty Images

6. Je suis that dog.

@HypnotizedNexus @BarageFarage @SeventyTwo_ @MinnyMausGG oddly-satisfying-feels-good.jpg

7. Jenga level: expert.

8. This toast is cosmic.

9. Man, it doesn't even matter that this makes no sense.

10. So unexpected. But so satisfying.

11. This guy is SO happy to see you.

With permission from Emilia Buggins

12. This one keeps getting better and better:

13. So THAT's how they're made...

Discovery Channel / Via

14. Just the perfect moment in time.

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