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14 Of The Most Weirdly Satisfying Images On The Internet

Get ready to feel weird. But #Goodweird.

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1. Who knew vegetables could bring so much joy?

6. Je suis that dog.

@HypnotizedNexus @BarageFarage @SeventyTwo_ @MinnyMausGG oddly-satisfying-feels-good.jpg

8. This toast is cosmic.

9. Man, it doesn't even matter that this makes no sense.

14. Just the perfect moment in time.

Embrace the #Goodweird with the new Lenovo YOGA range.

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Ever watched a movie projected on the ceiling? Let your kids scribble on your computer screen? Or hung up your tablet to follow a recipe in the kitchen? That's what the Lenovo YOGA was created for – when good meets weird, for some unusually satisfying solutions.