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19 Signs You're Definitely Dropping This Class

This one's a no-go. Don't waste your time with a dud class when there are better classes to explore. Do what you do and work smarter with Lenovo.

1. The final is on the last day of finals week.


Seacrest, out.

2. The final is cumulative.

3. Laptops are not allowed in the lecture.

4. The course book is only available new. Not used.



5. The syllabus states, "Your entire group will receive the same grade"...

6. ...and "Tardies will be considered absences." / Via

Until next time.

7. And there "could be" a "pop quiz" at "some point," depending on the professor's "discretion." / Via


8. This course actually doesn't count toward your degree requirements like you thought it did. / Via

That's my cue.

9. There's a word in the class title that you literally can't define.

Sky Sports Live / Via

Err... never mind.

10. There are mandatory office hours.

11. The professor discusses a "dress code."

12. The room is, like, super hot or super cold.

RCA Records / Via

13. You looked around and no one is hot.


Waste. Of. Time.

14. The professor says, "Lecture slides will not be posted online."

15. "Students in the past have been surprised to receive low grades in this class."

16. And, "The grade for your rough draft..."

17. It's a five-person class and somehow your archenemy is one of them.



18. Class starts at 8 a.m.


Tried it on the first day. Never again.

19. And your friend just chatted you about the awesome class they're taking down the hall. / Via

Check please.

This semester, don't make yourself work harder. Work smarter with Lenovo.