Idk Much About The World Cup, But…

I Know The Champs Should Play These Guys. Soccer < Antipoverty. It only makes sense.

1. Warning: I know nothing about soccer (fútbol, if you please).

2. But even if I did, I’d like to give some of my loyalty to the team I recently discovered is challenging the World Champions to a game.

3. They’re from a Brazilian slum called “Anita Garibaldi”:

4. Anita has teamed up (pun, anyone?) with a local nonprofit (TECHO) to make a public challenge to whomever wins the World Cup.

5. They want to play them on the Anita field, to bring attention to the issue of poverty, especially in the Brazilian slums. Right near the sites of the World Cup. It’s brilliant.

6. Seriously, it’s brilliant. Check out these brilliant moves.

7. Here’s the full video (in English, Spanish, and Portuguese):

8. In addition to the petition from the whole Anita team, they’ve just released a mini-story from one of their players, with hopefully more to come. This is Orley:

9. Way to go guys. I have signed the petition and will be socially sharing away (via #DesafioAnita — which means “Challenge Anita” in Spanish — on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). And I guess I’m into the World Cup now.

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