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The Ultimate List Of Stereotypes That Lesbians Have To Deal With

And that we all get tired of hearing

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You never wear high heels.

Not wanting to break your ankles and have blisters all over your feet is definitely a very lesbian thing. You could replace the word "lesbian" by "reasonable" here too.

You only go to gay bars.

And you live in the gay district. And you only buy in gay grocery stores. And you can only get a hair cut from a gay hairstylist. And of course you can only eat in gay restaurants.

You look like a man, you act like a man.

You have a deep voice. You like beer. You drive a truck. Of course you have a short hair cut and grow a beard. And you are into girls... So you'd rather be a man. Obviously?!

You do not understand the principles of reproduction and as an homo you can't be trusted with a child.

Also you will clearly infect every child with your homosexuality. Because it's like a decease. Infectious.

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