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    People Are Sharing The Worst Ways They've Been Ghosted, And I Think I'll Stay Single

    Is it Casper or just my ex?

    TikToker u/kekeissexy posed the question, "What is the worst way you've ever been ghosted?" Here are some of the responses, buckle up!

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    1. "We met, we did not sleep together, we went out on a date, [and] we kissed. He gave me his number. The last thing he said to me was, 'Goodnight.' And then he went silent... for a year. He found me on Facebook. He didn't say, 'Hi.' He just messaged, 'Oh, I changed my number. I forgot to tell you.' I said, 'I'm sorry, who are you?' " -u/ayandasowazi

    2. "I was with a man for two years and I thought I was going to marry him, have his babies, and spend the rest of our lives together. But then COVID hit and he unfortunately told me he thought he had it. He said he was thinking about going to the hospital because he felt so bad, but then miraculously he started to feel better. It was that same day he told me he was feeling better that I never heard from him ever again. He suddenly stopped responding to all my calls and texts. A week later, his phone went right to voicemail. I freaked out. I started calling the hospital thinking, maybe something happened and he's at the hospital. He wasn't there. I called all the hospitals in the area and he wasn't there. I called the police and filed a missing persons report. [The police] told me my boyfriend didn't exist. So, not only did my boyfriend ghost me by faking his own death; he also lied to me for two years about his identity." -u/kathrynverb

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    3. "A couple of years ago, I met this girl on Tinder. She was in the military, a marine girl. [She was a] ten out of ten, gorgeous. We went out on a couple of dates and I thought everything was going amazingly. I thought it was leading to a whole relationship until one day she told me that she's getting tasked for deployment and that she had to leave within the next two weeks. She reassured me that we'd be able to keep in contact and everything would be good... I'll wait it out, she seems worth it. Then a month later her best friend hits me up and tells me that she's been killed in combat. So, I'm distraught and mourning over this girl. Only to see her in person, a couple of months later with a different dude." -u/sui_sauce

    4. "This was my first week of college and at the time I didn't really have any friends. I didn't know anybody, I was very focused on sports and school. So, one individual was like, 'Hey, do you wanna go get some dinner?' And I was like, 'Yeah, absolutely.' We go out to get some dinner and we go to Denny's and I'm staring at the menu, pretending like I'm going to order anything besides what I always order: a double berry banana pancake breakfast, of course. We're having a good time. Our waiter, Keith is an absolute hoot. She said, 'Hey, I gotta go use the bathroom.' I said, 'Cool, do your thing.' I look away for a second. I look back, her car is out of the parking lot. Keith comes back and asks, 'What happened to the party of two?!' I replied, 'You wanna know something Keith? I think this is more of a character development day right now. So, I think this is a party of one. Then Keith brought me a lava cake and said, 'You know what? She doesn't deserve you, man.' " -u/jordan_the_stallion8

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    5. "My ex-boyfriend proposed to me then I went out with my friends later that night. [I] got drunk, told them how much I loved him, and how grateful I am for him. His phone died then I called it drunkenly and it rang. I sent him another text saying, 'Are you there? Are you okay? I love you still.' I woke up, called him, and I was blocked... Turns out he fled the country and he took my PS4 with him. He went to Jamaica and his best friend basically broke up with me for him. And I slept with his best friend." -u/hilariouslee

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    6. "I was supposed to go on a date with a girl in college. We were going to see a movie. She picked the movie, she picked the time, she picked the day. [It's the] day of, I'm sitting out front for thirty minutes with two tickets and she never shows up. I didn't talk to this girl for a long time afterwards. I was a bit salty, undoubtedly. But, I did find her on social media a few years later and I said, 'Hey, remember that time you ghosted me in front of the movie theatres? Let's laugh about reminiscent times!' And then she proceeded to tell me the rest of that story. So, her phone had died on her way to the movie theatre and she went to the wrong movie theatre. When she finally figured she went to the wrong movie theatre, she showed up to the right one and began to talk to the theatre clerk, who had refunded the money to the tickets that I bought. They've been married for ten years." -u/chitsmcgee"

    7. "I met this guy online and we chatted on the phone. He said, 'Hey, let's meet in a mutual place.' When I get to the mutual place, we greet with a hug. He said he had to go to Rite Aid to get his grandma's prescription. So I decided to go with him, no big deal. We go in Rite Aid and I walk off to go look at the makeup and he goes to the back. About five minutes later, I decide to go to the back. He was nowhere in sight and I looked through every aisle. This was before cell phones, so I had to go to a payphone. I call his house and his grandma answers. He got on the phone and told me to never call his house again." -u/fat__tastic

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