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    13 Tweets That Prove Dating As A Millennial Is Actually The Worst

    "Greenland lost 160 billion tons of ice in July and you’re afraid to send a text."


    it’s so dam annoying when people don’t have pics of themselves on insta how else am i supposed to construct an idealized version of you that will be impossible to live up to


    me eating for the first time at 11pm after redownloading tinder for the 39th time


    my parents, age 25: we have a mortgage, a baby and a pension plan! me, age 25: it's 3am and i can't afford an uber good thing i wore my running shoes!



    squidward is the ultimate millennial icon -overeducated with a deadend job -works for a boomer obsessed with money -depressed -bi?


    What do we do when we have a bad day? Go home Uber eats some hibachi get in bed and cry to Queer Eye


    hi im nose pierce little shirt big pants doc marten boots internet girl, and this is my terrible boyfriend, dickies pants curly hair wall puncher minimal shower boy



    greenland lost 160 billion tons of ice in july and you’re afraid to send a text


    Me blowing past every red flag in a relationship


    Not to brag but I don’t need alcohol to send texts I’ll regret


    Love millennial dating culture. Love going through a Not Breakup with my Not Girlfriend that I’m not allowed to call a relationship or be sad about


    date: [pulls away from kissing] let's move this to your bed me: [sitting on a futon] you're not gonna believe this