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Make Your Home Better By DIY

Don’t let designers freak you out and fall into their false bracket of NDIY that’s what I call ‘NOT-DIY’. DIY is the right option and it always has been for me when decorating the house. I mean what could go wrong. I’ll tell you, absolutely NOTHING! On the contrary, the good part is you chose for your Owen self and be happy with what you embellish. So let’s see what we can do about decorating a house ourselves.

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Let your room breath:

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Do not over crowd it. Take it politely and give your rooms a kind space of decoration for them to breathe. Don’t fill up the rooms with too much furniture; throw out all the extra junk which is gathering space. Rather than bursting your budget and stuffing the room from items which don’t make sense, spend it less but stylish items which stand out.

Manage your collectables carefully:

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Be careful when you hang on the pieces and if they don’t fit in just stop right there. It’s not important who gifted those items to you. If it is not the best fit just ignore it and rather leave an empty space. Create a balance that is almost perfect with your collectables to make your living space look fab.

Be hold while decorating bed and bath:

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Add sheet sets and towel sets in your bed room and bathroom to make them look beautiful. Incorporate the colors which match with the theme of bed and bath décor. Be careful to tie the color melodies, it just does not look right when one enter the room it gives an obscene touch. Briarwood Home adds colors to your room for both bed and bath décor with sheet sets and towel sets available at lelaan. Get the best sheet sets and towel sets from here.

Don’t forget the lighting layers:

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Add layers of lighting in your bed room. Remember with room décor you have always got to be careful because it is the most serene place in the whole house. Add general ambient light, some lower lights and some table lamps for keeping it peaceful.

Be creative when decorating your house:

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Add an element of your personality and a touch of your inner creativeness. Something personal which makes you smile and looks good when seen. Like a high school, wedding, anniversary or your baby’s first step’s pictures. We all capture them sometime and we all like to portray them. Thus use them with style and creativity to decorate your house.

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