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10 Reasons "Twin Peaks" Was The Weirdest, But Also Greatest, Show Ever

That's a damn fine cup of coffee.

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1. Deputy Andy Brennan Was So Adorably Dumb

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He cried at crime scenes and couldn't put up posters without getting tape all through his hair.

Also, this quote: "Listen, the Tacoma Sperm Bank was looking for donors. Naturally, I applied because it was my civic duty... and I like whales. A routine physical examination revealed that I was sterile. Sure, I thought that meant that I didn't have to take a bath." Oh, Andy, you silly man.

2. David Duchovny Looked Great in a Dress / Via

DEA agent Denise Bryson had a not-so-secret secret - she was a he. In 1990 struggling actor David Duchovny said he would have taken almost any television opportunity he could get. So, two years before he became Agent Fox Mulder, Duchovny pulled on a pair of pantyhose and became a part of a TV history.

3. The Log Lady


Move over cat ladies, the Log Lady of Twin Peaks has taken over crazy-town. Her "psychic connection" with the log she totes everywhere makes her sort of a social pariah, but she did aid Coop and the Sheriff more often than not. Plus, Halloween's coming up and what a unique costume idea, am I right?!?


5. Doughnuts, Lots of Doughnuts


We've all heard the stereotype: cops love doughnuts. "Twin Peaks" took it one step further with the elaborate paper towel, doughnut stacking spread. Did Lucy have major OCD?!



Coop loves his tape recorder, and throughout the show he addresses his many musings to a woman named Diane. Now the most logical explanation is that Diane is Cooper's secretary, but don't you just wish she's a figment of his imagination? That Coop is as crazy as the rest of them?

"Diane, never drink coffee that has been anywhere near a fish. "

Sound advice.

7. Co-Creator David Lynch's Cameo


"Twin Peaks" enigmatic co-creator David Lynch pulled an Alfred Hitchcock and inserted himself right into the drama. His character, Cooper's boss Gordon Cole, was basically deaf and comically screamed all his lines.


8. Ben's Civil War Meltdown


Ben Horne goes crazy and decides to rewrite history from his office. With the hotel staff dressed up as Confederates, and a to-scale fake horse, Ben orchestrates a win for the South.

9. Nadine's Drape Runner


Aside from her eye patch, super human strength and that bump on the head, Nadine Hurley has a serious problem - her drapes. The woman fixates on creating silent drape runners, employing cotton balls and grease to complete the task.

It's no wonder Big Ed has Norma on the side.

10. The Dancing Dwarf


Because the show was cancelled far too soon, we never really found out what the deal was with the little man in the red room. But we can thank "Twin Peaks" for giving us one of the weirdest scenes in TV history.

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