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    15 Reasons Why Your Next Trip Should Be To Baja California, Mexico

    Basically just to dream in 50 shades of blue.

    Baja California in Mexico is the bordering state to California. But enough about geography. We're here to tell you about incredible blue waters, surreal surroundings where wine flows like water, and, of course, some bomb food.

    1. Rosarito is a bustling coastal town not too far from Tijuana. People there bask in the sun, ride horses in the sand, bike in surrounding nature, fall in love, and climb Cerro El Coronel, which offers a postcard-worthy view of the city.

    2. Rosarito is also home to Tacos El Yaqui, which has, according to all accounts, tacos that are absolute magic.

    3. But perrones aren't the only spell you'll fall under in Baja. Wait until you try the city of Ensenada's food, specifically La Guerrerense.

    4. There's also the Mercado Negro (Black Market), a food market where dozens of eateries serve incredible (and very cheap) seafood tacos.

    5. Southeast of Ensenada you'll find Valle de Guadalupe, which, with more than 100 wineries and views for days, is basically heaven on Earth.

    6. Not only will you get to taste some A+ wine, you'll also get to reconnect with nature. Perhaps even ~redefine~ your concept of nature.

    7. Did we mention you can also stay in a bubble? Yeah, you can also stay in a bubble. A BUBBLE.

    8. Oh yeah, you can also cheers inside a giant barrel at Finca Altozano.

    9. Oh, and the food. Food is a work of art in Guadalupe.

    10. After living your best life in Valle de Guadalupe, you can go ahead and...actually continue living that life but now at La Bufadora, one of the largest marine geysers, aka blowholes, in the world.

    11. Gorgeous San Quintín might have you thinking you somehow ended up in Iceland after a taco coma or something.

    12. La Lobera, a sea lion cave that looks like something out of a movie, is a short drive away from San Quintín.

    13. On the other side of Baja, lesser-known town San Felipe is a quaint oasis and a great spot to hit the dunes.

    14. If you think the idea of sand duning is nice, wait until you see a sunset in San Felipe.

    15. And if you think you've had enough of beautiful sunsets, hypnotic places, wineries, and craters...well, we want to say no, you haven't, and to please look at Bahía San Luis Gonzaga.

    The food from Tijuana and Mexicali is also unmissable — Baja California is just filled with surprises.

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