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    San Miguel De Allende Is A Magical Place And Here Are 22 Reasons To Go ASAP

    Pack your bags and don't forget your shades, 'cause this trip to Mexico is going to be bright.

    1. San Miguel de Allende is a magical town in Mexico's central state of Guanajuato, where every corner is Instagram-worthy. Also, it's a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    2. The strikingly beautiful neo-Gothic Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel in the town's historical center is SMA's most recognized and iconic landmark.

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    Equally breathtaking during the day or at night, La Parroquia as we know it today is a product of local stonemason and architect Don Zeferino Gutiérrez, who, in the 1880s, sought inspiration in European churches and revamped the existing cathedral, originally built in the 16th century.

    3. It has marveled locals and visitors for literal centuries. Like, just look at it! So photogenic.

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    4. The cathedral is the central focus of the main plaza, where tourists and locals congregate to people-watch, shop from local stands, or perhaps enjoy a cup of coffee with mariachi in the background.

    5. As you walk around, perhaps you'll stumble upon mojigangas, giant papier-mâché puppets.

    6. A short walk away from the main plaza is the Ignacio Ramírez market, a vibrant indoor space where locals shop for produce, clothes, flowers, and, of course, munchies.

    7. The Ignacio Ramírez market connects to the art market, or Mercado de Artesanías, where arts, crafts, and jewelry take center stage.

    8. Side note: Please do yourself a favor and buy a super-delicious elote (corncob) from the market.

    9. You may think a mayo-slathered elote is the best thing you'll eat in San Miguel, but NO! Prepare for some of the most incredible meals of your life.

    10. You can take a short taxi ride and head to former textile mill Fabrica la Aurora to explore art galleries and boutique shops.

    11. After a long day of walking and shopping and being generally awestruck, you can catch the sunset on the rooftop terrace of the luxurious Rosewood Hotel.

    12. Oh, and the cocktails and antojitos at Rosewood's Luna Rooftop Tapas Bar are not bad either.

    13. BTW, did we mention San Miguel's weather is pretty amazing year-round?

    14. Food and San Miguel go together like Jay-Z and Beyoncé, which is to say you should always make room for dinner.

    15. The nightlife is also an important element of San Miguel. This is Mexico, after all, and when in Mexico, you have to have a little fun.

    16. Worry not about where to stay, because if there's one thing San Miguel is really, really good at, it's HOSPITALITY.

    17. For breakfast, treat yourself to the gorditas and caldo de xoconostle (a vegetable-loaded Otomí soup broth) at local sensation Gorditas Don Ciro.

    18. Another unforgettable breakfast spot in San Miguel? Rústica.

    19. To kick off a new day's adventure, you can visit any of San Miguel's enchanting museums.

    20. San Miguel's charm doesn't stop in the city — beautiful vineyards are only minutes away.

    21. Valle de los Senderos, a nearby complex, also offers a beach, thermal waters, gorgeous landscaping, and delicious food.

    22. Finally, you can't miss out on visiting botanical garden Charco del Ingenio.

    Oh, San Miguel, what a paradise for people who are looking to relax ~professionally~.

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