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11 Things Only Fangirls From The Southern Hemisphere Will Understand

Movies and television and books give you all of the feels, but no one ever told you how difficult the fan girl/boy life would be if you don't live in America.

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1. You have woken up early before school/university/work to livestream a television show.


When an episode is airing at 7pm in America, that's 7am in Western Australia, leading to many days of getting up a few hours early and putting your makeup on in front of your laptop so you don't miss a second before rushing off to work. You might end up looking like this all day, but it's totally worth it.


6. But back to the fan girl life. This is what webjet looks like when you want to fly just about anywhere:

San Diego Comic Con? No problem. I'll just spend more than a months pay on flights, and two days of my life in an airplane, just to get to America.


8. When Americans reminisce about the good ol' days of Harry Potter midnight release parties.


Midnight release parties? Try 7am release parties. That weren't actually parties. But just you dragging your parents to the bookstore to stand in line really early in the morning while passers by looked on in confusion.

9. Holiday themed episodes mean just about nothing to you.

Considering you don't celebrate thanksgiving or halloween and when all those snowy Christmas episodes are playing, you're most likely dressed like this, and dying of heat exhaustion.

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