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15 Reasons Work Should Be Canceled During The Summer

Who even has TIME for work when the sun's out all day?

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1. Does ANYONE like going to work in the summer? NO.

2. Because everyone is sticky and sweaty when they get to the office.

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3. And for some reason, frayed denim cut-offs aren't considered "professional."


And what ELSE do you wear during the summer?

4. Your boss is just generally uncool about your choice of attire.

5. Not to mention, there are beaches that need to be explored.

6. And waves that need to be ridden.

7. Cliffs just anticipating sun-kissed divers.

8. Sunsets to watch with your friends.

9. Music festivals that only happen once a year.

10. Road trips waiting to happen.

11. Woodsy paths begging to be traversed.


12. And let's not forget about the FOOD.

13. It's the only time of year for all-day cookouts!

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14. And there are so many ice cream cones that need to be devoured.

15. There's simply too much to do to be bothered with work.

Forget about sitting at a desk all day! Get outside with Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy.