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14 Dogs On Summer Vacation

Winter was ruff, but summer is going to kick butt.

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1. This dog who's already prepared to get a sweet tan:

2. This pup who's making sure the backyard is in tip-top shape for all the picnics he'll be having:

3. This bulldog who's cooler than you:

4. These guys who are having some fun by the lake:

5. This canine who's so excited to be outside he can't even take it:

6. This puppy who's doing his morning workout next to a beautiful beach sunrise:

7. This Husky who just needs to cool off for a few minutes:

8. This lil lady who practically LIVES at the park:

9. This corgi who's ready to save some lives:

10. This terrier who's also a gold medalist:

11. This dog who's enjoying some tasty summer treats:

12. This guy who's cruisin' for some hot babes:

13. This puppy who loves a good adventure:

14. So hurry up already, take your dog outside and PLAY!