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15 Signs You're An Outdoor Person

Nothing beats the feeling of sun and wind on your skin. Enjoy the great outdoors with some Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy.

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1. You seriously don't understand how anyone couldn't appreciate this:

2. Or this:

3. The thought of being stuck in an office, or even a city, bothers you.

4. You pick leaves and sticks out of your hair regularly.

5. You actually know how to tie functional knots.

6. You're totally chill about munching on leaves, grass, and other edible plants.

7. You'd much rather opt for a picnic than a dinner party.

8. This looks appealing to you:

9. You're known to dispense bizarre outdoor tips and proclamations.

10. You eagerly brave all of the elements.

Ashley Cook / Via BuzzFeed

11. Your Instagram is full of pictures like this one:

12. You're always called on to start fires...

13. ...or just to take care of things like this:

14. Some people think you're just plain crazy...

15. ...but they just don't understand the amazing things you've seen.