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    24 Wedding Cakes To Make Your Monday A Little Sweeter

    There is a reason no one leaves a wedding until they cut the cake! These desserts are the perfect marriage between art and sugar, guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth. Scroll through these drool worthy wedding cakes that are sure to WOW!

    1. Bright Floral Cake

    2. Simple Greenery

    3. Funfetti Confetti!

    4. A Twist on the Fruit Cake

    5. Edible Amethyst


    7. Simple Marbled Cake

    8. Winter Berries Cake

    9. Gold Dripped Cake

    10. Aspen Inspired

    11. Crepe Cake

    12. Bundt Wedding Cake

    13. Natural Blue Cake

    14. Elegant Black and White Cake

    15. Ultra Feminine Blush Cake

    16. Royal Sparkle Cake

    17. Watercolor Painted Cake

    18. Yellow Spring Cake

    19. Geometric Cake

    20. Desert Cake

    21. Donut Count out this Idea

    22. Ruffled Ombre Cake

    23. Lavender Cake

    24. Sunset Painted Cake