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    Queer Eye Team Launches Exclusive Furniture Line With Walmart And It's Hella Cute

    If you are like me, then there are a few things that are keeping me sane in this pandemic. Those are redecorating my apartment and some good ole feel-good television like Queer Eye. Well to your surprise and mine. The creators of our favorite feel-good show have launched an exclusive and affordable furniture line at Walmart. So here is the list of my favorite items from their new collection.

    1. Rylie Track Arm Sofa — $299

    A leather couch.
    Walmart / Via

    This couch is not only so cute and perfect for my tiny apartment, but it's also faux leather so it's easy to clean when I accidentally spill something (which we know is bound to happen).

    Check out the sofa here.

    2. Brie Accent Chair — $179

    A linen accent chair with midcentury modern legs
    Walmart / Via

    I am screaming at how cute this chair would look in LITERALLY any apartment. It's midcentury modern, it's easy to assemble, and it just brings that POP of color to your apartment. If blue isn't your jam, then they also offer this accent chair in a beautiful light grey.

    Check out this chair and the other colors here.

    3. Aspen Upholstered Bed — $240 - $300

    A velvet upholstered bed.
    Walmart / Via

    Everyone says that your bedroom is where you are supposed to feel like it's YOUR space. So why don't you make it as luxurious as you deserve it to be? Well, now you can with this beautiful statement piece. Not only is this bed GORG, it is also made of soft velvet. Beds range from twin to king, so no matter what size bed you have, you can make your bedroom into the master suite you deserve.

    Check out the bed here.

    4. Copley Writing Desk — $170

    A desk with storage space.
    Walmart / Via

    This desk is for all of us, work-from-home honies. If you were like me and started my quarantine from home by turning my dining table into my office, you know that things can quickly get messy. But TBH there are so many expensive and not so cute desks out there that offer NO storage space. Luckily for you (and me), QE provided this BEAUTIFUL desk. This desk features a storage drawer and an open shelve to help hide your messy little office supplies. Add a simple chair to this desk and voilà! You now have a CUTE office for you to make all that cash monies.

    Check out the desk here!

    5. Copley Mid-Century Beverage Storage Cabinet — $150

    A beverage cabinet.
    Walmart / Via

    Ok, so maybe you need MORE storage. Well, this line got you. And yes, perhaps this piece is intended for drink storage, but it also comes with shelving inside to hide all your little trinkets. Or use it for storing your beverages and drink wear! I'm not trying to tell you what to do ;)

    Click here to see more details about this product.

    6. Adalynn Convertible Split Back Futon with Cup Holder — $279

    A sofa futon with cup holders.
    Walmart / Via

    This sofa is one of the most versatile furniture pieces out there. Imagine this; you are watching a late-night movie. You got your couch and BAM a place to put your bev. THEN when you are too tired to go into your bed, you cranch that sofa back and BAM BAM you got a futon. SIGN ME UP!

    Check out this futon and all the other colors here.

    7. Farnsworth 5 Drawer Mid-Century Modern Dresser — $230

    A wooden dresser with five drawers.
    Walmart / Via

    Ok, this is for my honies out there with too many clothes in their closet. I would love to introduce you to this BEAUTIFUL five-drawer walnut dresser that will be forever in style. Say hello to the nicely decluttered room and goodbye to an overpacked closet.

    Buy your new dresser here.

    8. Brayden Modern Accent Chair — $319

    An upholstered one seat chair.
    Walmart / Via

    This accent chair is for anyone looking to step up their living space by investing in their throne. This modern accent chair comes in a variety of colors to make a statement in ANY living room. Check out the boys from @probablythis loving their chair.

    Check out this gorg chair and the other versions here.

    9. Copley Transitional TV Stand — $160

    A tv stand with storage for books, movies, gaming console and more.
    Walmart / Via

    So this piece is TECHNICALLY a tv stand which TBH is so cute. But I also have seen it be used as a record player holder by @ameriwoodhome. Whether you use it for your tv or music or whatever this piece is just hella gorg.

    Click here for more details!

    10. Liam Sofa Bed — $349

    A large sofa that turns into a bed.
    Walmart / Via

    Last and certainly not least, we have this BEAUTIFUL FABULOUS SOFA BED. Not only can you squeeze a lot of butts on this gorg sofa, but you can also turn it into a space for visiting friends or family to sleep. Love. It comes in either brown leather or green velvet for those who really want to scream stylish.

    Check out this sofa and the velvet green version here.