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    9 Things You Need To Know About Dyscalculia

    Otherwise known as "Math Dyslexia", Dyscalculia is a little known and oftentimes disputed learning disorder of which everyone should be more aware.

    1. Dyscalculia isn't just one but instead several learning disabilities.

    2. It is currently estimated that between 3%-6% of the population is dyscalculic.

    3. Because of all its different manifestations, testing and diagnosis can be difficult.

    4. Spatial dyscalculia = trouble with directions, distance, and time.

    5. Systematic dyscalculia = trouble with mathematical concepts

    6. Mathematical Dyscalculia = "Math Dyslexia"

    7. Dyscalculia does NOT mean a person is dumb.

    8. With awareness, there is "sum" hope.

    9. And finally, know this. If you (like me) have dyscalculia, you are not alone. Say it with me. "I have dyscalculia. And that is OK!"