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    • leighannepincock

      No one owes anyone a ‘thank you’ for being complimented. No one owes you anything for going out of your way to point out a physicality on another person that you find attractive (that’s your prerogative to do that). So getting upset that the experiment wasn’t aimed at her saying ‘thanks’ instead of ‘yes’ or ‘yep’ completely takes the point out of what she (and other women) are doing. Agreeing to someone saying they think I’m pretty by saying ….yeah….isn’t rude, it’s SIMPLY agreeing and these men (and plenty of people in this post) are pissed because she wasn’t nicer about it, but…but…no one has to be nice to you for reeling out comments. If I’m on twitter and some random guy follows me and delivers a compliment on my face, I’m not supposed to bend over backwards to thank him. If I don’t want to answer him and he gets mad, that’s not my problem. If I feel that I’m already pretty and I agree with him and he gets offended (because I measure my worth based on self’s gaze rather than men’s), that’s not my problem and it’s not these women’s problems either. Get over yourselves with this ‘say thank you’/’stop being rude’/’if the roles were reversed’ bullshit. The roles have been reversed plenty of times, because men are already assertively aggressive with their bodies when it comes to women. Men send unsolicited dick pics, half nude pics, and say whatever the hell they want to women all the time as if someone asked for an opinion. You’re upset because this woman was a bit passive in a response and wasn’t gentler because the male ego is so delicate. You’ve proven the damn point that’s went completely over most of your heads.

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