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    Dachshund Owners Are Going Crazy For This Halloween Decor

    Meet Mr. Bones, the Skeleton Dachshund.

    Halloween is just a few days away and everyone is excited for it!

    One particular set of dog lovers have found a liking for a Halloween Decor.

    Meet Mr. Bones, the Halloween Dachshund Skeleton Toy!

    According to Dogs Arena, Mr. Bones has become so popular that a Facebook group has been set up especially for him.

    In the group Lifestyles of Mr. Bones, the Dachshund Skeleton, Dachshund owners have been posting photos of the newest member of their wiener packs doing funny Dachshund things!

    This wiener dog is definitely not pleased with the attention Mr. Bones is getting.

    Algerien Bauer-Silva / Via Facebook

    Here's Mr. Bones is making sure his offerings are ready.

    Algerien Bauer-Silva / Via Facebook

    This Dachshund may be all bones, but he's still a dog.

    Melissa Narvaez‎ / Via Facebook

    It seems that even Mr. Bones enjoys belly rubs from the electric beater.

    William Tucker / Via Facebook

    A bone eating bones? That's cannibalism!

    Jenna Tuhy / Via Facebook

    Mr. Bones' poop smells sweet! We wonder what it tastes like.

    Krista Smith / Via Facebook

    Just like any dog, Mr. Bones has an appetite for human food. Yum!

    Cathy Reedy Stewart‎ / Via Facebook

    It seems that the wiener dogs have accepted him in the pack.

    Sarah Mickel Power / Via Facebook

    Sadly, a trip to the vet determined that Mr. Bones is a bit malnourished and will need to put on some weight.

    Anne Asplund / Via Facebook