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12 Signs You're Your Niece's Favorite Aunt

The bond between a niece and an aunt is unlike any other — especially when you’re her favorite aunt. Encourage her to #KeepBuilding her sense of self the same way she builds with LEGO bricks.

1. You let your niece set the agenda, no matter what she picks.

2. Your niece begs to sleep over when you host family dinners.

3. You always do that one thing that makes her smile when she stays with you.

4. She actually wants to wear your hand-me-downs.

5. And she loves the music you blast in the car.

6. She talks to you about ~stuff~.

7. She makes special things just for you.

8. The presents you give her rival Santa’s, actually.

9. You have hilarious stories about when your niece was little that her parents never told her.

10. You know just how to curate her evolving tastes.

11. She’s told you that you’re “funnier than Mommy.”

12. And, of course, you're quite flexible with bedtime.

Favorite aunts are just like LEGO building sets: They help their nieces experiment with new ideas, build a sense of self, and celebrate the journey. Encourage her to #KeepBuilding.