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9 Moms Share The Moments When They Felt Truly Resilient

As a mom, you become stronger each and every day. Encourage your kids to keep learning, keep trying, and #KeepBuilding with LEGO bricks.

1. When I learned to accept things with grace.

2. When he realized his own superpowers.

3. When I realized I really can do this alone.

4. When I showed him what determination looks like.

5. When I realized I’ve become the person who sets the example I want my kids to see.

6. When I invested time where it was most needed.

7. When I remembered my strength as a person.

8. When I literally kept my kid out of harm’s way.

9. When I took the tough hand I was dealt and won the game.

Illustrations by Marjan Farsad © BuzzFeed

Building a sense of resilience within your child can happen during playtime; LEGO bricks are the fun tools for building big ideas.