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    7 Unique Valentine Gift Ideas

    Gift Ideas from small businesses

    1. Mesquite Honey Brown Sugar Scrub

    Sweat P's Skincare / Via

    This scrub feels and smells amazing - great gift for friends or #treatyoself !

    get it here

    2. California Coast Art Pouch

    Viz Art Ink / Via

    Great for makeup, toiletries, art supplies, tools - you name it. Printed with hand drawn art by an awesome self taught artist, Gregg Visintainer

    check out his other products and designs here

    3. Lego Building Block Heart Necklace

    BaconBits Etsy Shop / Via

    Cutest heart necklace ever! Great for all ages, great option for a matching set with someone special and yourself

    get it here

    4. You Make Me Smile Card

    Parcel Island / Via

    Send a socially distanced smile this Valentine's day!

    get it here

    5. A book of odd affirmations

    Richie Brown Town / Via

    Because why not?! Everyone needs a pick me up or a laugh from this one of a kind book.

    get it here

    6. State Artwork

    inkredibledesign / Via

    For those who love where they live! Tons of different states and color options hand drawn by an awesome artist.

    check them out here

    7. Kinetic Gear Heart Necklace

    Kinekt Design / Via

    Fidget spinner and gorgeous necklace all in one! The gears spin as the chain runs though - irresistibly awesome!

    get it here

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