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14 Times Kids Proved They're Actually Brilliant

Help your little genius find their #LittleWin with LEGO® Juniors building toys!

Kids are constantly learning about the world around them, and that's pretty entertaining to watch.

But sometimes kids demonstrate problem-solving skills that are straight-up genius.

1. Exhibit A: this little Einstein, who figured out how to free himself from his baby-gate prison.

2. How about this little prodigy who doesn't play by the rules?

3. Consider little Tommy, who made a huge (but brilliant) mistake.

4. This clever little test-taker is just following orders...

5. ...and nothing can keep these two tiny savants apart.

6. This kid is technically not wrong.

7. If you're ever surrounded by only kids and in need of CPR, this little braniac could save your life.

8. This lil' egghead is definitely going places:

9. Is this a T-1000 or a baby genius?

10. This intrepid entrepreneur has already figured out the concept of niche consumer trends.

Not bad for a cute little kiddo!

11. Watch this little virtuoso pull a Kobayashi Maru on this puzzle game.

12. This adorable intellectual already knows what delicious food looks like.

13. This brilliant kid has some sage advice for our 16th president...

14. ...but nothing tops this whizkid's approach to taking the stairs.

Kids are brilliant, and now you can encourage a #LittleWin every day with LEGO® Juniors building toys!

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