15 Robots That Will Change The World

We’re still a few years away from owning ultra-attentive robo-butlers (and then waging war once they achieve sentience) but that doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of awesome real-life robots out there at this very moment. To see more amazing androids in action, be sure to check out Hero Factory, only on LEGO.com!

1. Like This Ramen Robot

Truly a broke college student’s best friend.

2. Or This Violin ‘Bot


3. How About This Robo-DJ

What does it take to become King of the Robots? A playlist full of Black Eyed Peas, apparently.

4. Or This Juggle-Bot

A bit of a one-trick-robot, but it goes over great at parties.

5. This Robot Can Wash Your Hair

Get that “new scalp smell” with this auto-washer for your dome.

6. And This One Can Cut It

Please note: we said “can,” not “should.”

7. This Robo-Bartender Can Mix You A Cocktail

He’ll also willingly listen to your boozy sorrows for hours on-end!

8. These ‘Bots Can Bust A Move

Pictured above: the mechanical future of the Step Up series.

9. And This Mechanical Mouse Can Solve Mazes

Technology: putting lab rats to shame since 1955.

10. This “Robot Bear Pillow” Can Stop You From Snoring

Because, honestly, how often do you see the words “robotic bear pillow” strung together in a sentence?

11. Where This One Can Clean Up After Your Pet

I wonder how long it took them to get the P.O.O.P. S.C.O.O.P. acronym just right.

12. This Handy ‘Bot Can Solve Any Rubik’s Cube

Not pictured: the sense of shame from having a robot solve your Rubik’s Cube.

13. While This One Can Draw Your Portrait

We can’t wait for robo-cartoonists to line boardwalks and small-town carnivals across the nation.

14. This Robot Can Make You Pancakes

Programmable breakfast pastries—truly the future!

15. And This One Will Creep You Out…


Inspired by: LEGO Hero Factory

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A mass of monsters and malevolent machines have busted out of the Hero Factory’s storage facility, and it’s up to the Heroes to lay down a little robo-justice. Take a trip to Hero Factory on LEGO.com, and get in on the action for absolutely free!

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