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14 Skills Every Dad Should Teach Their Kids

Thanks for the wisdom, Dad. Keep playing and learning together with LEGO Friends.

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1. Life is about balance.

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Why it's important: Too much of any one thing can be unhealthy.

2. The world doesn't revolve around you.


Why it's important: Selfishness is not a pretty trait. Having a little perspective makes us all better humans.

3. Timing is everything.

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Why it's important: Don't rush into things, BUT don't hesitate for too long or you might miss out. Remember what we said before about balance?

4. Be quick to help others. / Via

Why it's important: Good karma.

5. Never, ever accept the first offer you receive. / Via

Why it's important: Life is one big hustle. Remember this when you're trying to negotiate a pay rise at work.

6. It's okay to eat cereal for dinner every now and again.


Why it's important: How else will you get through uni?!

7. You're capable of more than you think. / Via

Why it's important: Self-belief and confidence will take you a long way.

8. Collaboration will get you further than you can go on your own. / Via

Why it's important: Two brains are better (and more fun) than one.

9. Always close the door behind you.


Why it's important: It'll save you on your heating and cooling bill. That's another lesson: Money doesn't grow on trees!

10. Sharing is caring.


Why it's important: Because one day you'll be the one who wants a bite of someone's icy-pole.

11. Respect other people's house rules. / Via

Why it's important: Because manners. Also, if you keep traipsing your dirty shoes through everyone's houses, they'll stop inviting you over for dinner.

12. Know when to hold your tongue. / Via

Why it's important: Sometimes knowing when to keep quiet is as important as speaking up. If you don't have anything nice to say...

13. Work smarter, not harder. / Via

Why it's important: Then you'll have more energy for when it really counts.

14. The best present you can give someone is your time. / Via

Why it's important: It shows people that you care.

Our dads taught us well. Playing and learning together has never been more fun thanks to LEGO Friends. It combines classic LEGO-building with fun first-person role-play!

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