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LEGO Building Code Of Practice: A Christmas Guide

Families who build together stay together.

This code of practice for family LEGO building has been developed to ensure standards of health, safety, and maximum fun are maintained throughout the silly season. Let's begin.

1.1 Ensure all roles are assigned before you commence construction.

1.2 Create a plan and stick to it.

1.3 Notify the property owner and obtain the necessary building permits.

2.1 Introduce a speed and alcohol limit for the surrounding area.

2.2 Pets have the right to undertake structural integrity checks at any time, without warning.

2.3 Demolition work is not to be carried out without prior approval of all parties.

3.1 Protective footwear must be worn at all times to prevent LEGO Foot Syndrome (LFS).

3.2 Regular snack breaks are encouraged. However, all food must be consumed within the designated snack zone.

3.3 After any big feed, workers are required to take a 30-minute nap before operating any LEGO.

All images vis iStock.

Compliance training: tick. Now gather the fam and build together this Christmas!