How To Nail Your Last Minute Christmas Shopping

Ok, so you skipped Black Friday and slept in. And then you got busy. And then you just plain put it off. In any case, it’s crunch time… you need gifts and you need them now. It’s crowded, cold, and chaotic out there, but follow these tips to dominate your Christmas shopping in no time flat.

1. You did it again this year…

You waited until the last minute to start shopping.

2. It’s already Christmas Eve… and you’re freaking out!

3. Get out there, since there’s no time to waste.

4. Grab your buddies and get to the mall as fast as you can.

5. A good friend will stop you from making any regrettable gift decisions.

6. Be warned: the mall will be pandemonium and you may feel overwhelmed at times…

7. …So make a solid plan and stick to it.

8. Let store employees know how they can help.

9. Even if you’re stressed, don’t forget to share the holiday spirit.

But try to be sincere.

10. When looking for the perfect gift, there will be some tough choices…

11. Make sure you get that special someone a present they will actually want.

12. You’ll know the right one when you see it.

13. Go for it - Don’t second guess yourself…

14. It’s all worth it to get that perfect gift, and see their face light up with joy!

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