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10 Big Facts About The New Godzilla

If you think you know the King of the Monsters – think again! With the mighty Godzilla out in theaters, we present the world’s most iconic monster in a by-the-numbers breakdown.

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10. The new Godzilla stands at a staggering 355 feet (108.2 meters) high – the tallest onscreen incarnation ever.

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That’s twice as tall as the original 1954 Godzilla, who stood at 164 feet (50 meters).

6. Godzilla’s earth-shaking roar reverberates approximately 3 miles (4.83 km).

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To create the roar, the sound designers blasted it on a 100,000W, 12-foot-high, 18-foot-wide speaker array to record the sound in a “real world” context.

5. 80 San Francisco blocks were demolished in the epic final battle of Godzilla.

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To pull this off, visual effects technicians captured 360 degrees of the San Franciscan skyline from multiple angles and merged them into a 3D city backdrop.

4. To help bring the world of Godzilla to life, production designer Owen Paterson and his team created 98 sets for the film.

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There were 7 total filming units enlisted in the production of the film, which was shot across 6 different cities around the globe.

3. Godzilla wasn’t built in a day… in fact, if Godzilla were rendered on a single computer, it would have taken 445 years!


Thankfully, there were 762 visual effects crewmembers working on the film. It took 6 months alone for CGI artists to animate Godzilla’s scales in their full texture and detail.

2. Godzilla has enjoyed quite an epic film history, with 2014 marking the 60th anniversary of Toho Company Ltd.’s original 1954 film: Gojira.