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23 Times Jennifer Lawrence Reminded Us She's Normal

Dubbed the "Queen of Derp" (seriously, Google it), J-Law never fails to entertain with her relatable expressions. Whether she likes it or not, she'll always be a GIF in the world of cat selfies and photobombing...

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1. The time J-Law tried to casually wave to a room of interviewers.

Okay, so we've established there are a million times Jennifer's made a stupid face. We've also concluded that they're all absolutely hilarious, so lets carry on...

2. The time J-Law wasn't sure what to make of a question.

3. The time J-Law was being deadly serious.

Such a valid question.

4. The time she managed to squeeze a face into Catching Fire.

Oh Peeta, being friendzoned doesn't mean you can look at other girls...

5. The time Josh and Liam decided to get their own back after all the Hunger Games pranks.

6. The time J-Law found out about Peeta and Katniss' ship name.

"Peetniss". Penis.

7. The time J-Law imitated her mum and won every game of charades there ever was.

*Mom for all you Americans (British-made).

8. The time J-Law tried to lie on Jimmy Fallon and totally failed.

Just for the record, it wasn't a miniature horse on a bed of Flintstone vitamins.

9. "You are the face of the rebellion"

I'm sure the Capitol would give up their weapons if Katniss just did this.

10. The time J-Law might have had too much tracker jacker venom.

11. The time she spilled mints and hoped no one saw.

And then politely offered Josh a mint out of her hand (obviously abiding to the 5 second rule).

12. The time J-Law didn't have an answer so just did this.

13. The time J-Law shared her talent to the world.

14. The time J-Law sniffed something foul.

J-Law definitely smelled it, but had she dealt it?

15. The time J-Law tried her most threatening face.

Yeah... Snow might need scaring a bit more than that to give over the Capitol.

16. The time J-Law extended her neck about 10 inches.

17. The time J-Law tried sign language.

Over a year on, and the world has still not deciphered the code.

18. The time J-Law was given a knife.

Thankfully, it was rubber.

19. The time J-Law was serious and everyone could relate.

20. The time J-Law did this at the Baftas.*wp-content*uploads*2013*05*lawrence-party*jennifer-lawrence-liam-hemsworth-catching-fire-cannes-party-07.jpg

The guy behind her didn't know where to look so opted for heaven. "Thank you God"

21. The time J-Law grew a beard and rocked it.

22. The time J-Law should have gone for it.

And she should've worn giant yellow glasses and a fez because the internet would have broken.

23. The time she did this.

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