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Three "Futurama" Episodes That Choked You Up

Matt Groening created two successful cartoon shows - Simpsons and Futurama - that made us laugh out loud for its satirical humor. But there were also moments when he made us reach out for that box of Kleenex.

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3. "Leela's Homeworld"

This is the one where: Leela finds out that she is not an orphan and, in fact, her parents are mutants living in the sewers.

Most tearjerking moment: The end credits that show how Leela's parents kept a watchful eye on her throughout her childhood, despite abandoning her at the orphanage.

2. "The Luck of the Fryrish"

This is the one where: Fry learns that his brother Yancy stole his lucky seven-leaf clover and became very famous before his death. He goes grave hunting with Bender and Leela to get back his lucky charm.

Most tearjerking moment: Fry realizes how much his brother loves him.

1. "The Sting"

This is the one where: The planet express crew is sent back to the "Beehive" to siphon off honey. An angry bee attacks Leela and Fry jumps in between to save her. He dies from the bee sting. Leela becomes delusional and attempts to put herself in a state of permanent coma so she could be with Fry forever in her dreams.

Most tearjerking moment: When she wakes up in a hospital bed next to Fry and learns that she went into a coma because the bee sting pierced through Fry and injected poison into her.

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