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The Weirdest Video Game Known To Mankind

Japan World Cup is a horse racing game that registers a perfect 100 for its absurdness. I am sure even Spock cannot find any logic behind this game.

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What makes it bizarre?

It is not strictly a horse racing game. Jockeys can choose to ride on anything from yetis, trojan horses, and elephants dressed as giraffes. The more extreme it is, the more entertaining it will be.

Galloping like a BOSS!

Not every horse uses its four legs to gallop to the finish line. This particular horse can run sideways using only its hind legs, twirl on the race course like a ballerina, and imitate the running style of a track athlete.

Still find all this hard to believe? Watch this video

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Make sure that you have a defibrillator charged and ready before you watch this. Watching this might lead to a cardiac arrest due to excessive laughter.

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