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Pop Culture Numerology You Should Know

Holy burgers and gangster love...if only all math were this fun!

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This is the actual name for The Numbers Band, the seminal blues/rock freak-out outfit from Cleveland that is rumored to have been an influence for The Blues Brothers.



This was numerical code that Mr. Rogers used in his show to signify "I Love You", with each number representing the corresponding words. Coincidentally, it was also a pager code for gang-bangers to relay the same message.



That's the total number of dollars that films featuring Samuel L. Jackson have grossed, making him the highest-grossing actor of all-time. From Patriot Games, to Marvel's The Avengers, this fixture in American blockbusters has been a lucky rabbit's foot for studio heads for over three decades.



Standing for "I ate", this was part of the lexicon of hobo code that was used by drifters in the 1930's. This would be written on the side of a house or building to let other hobos know if they could get a handout.



Those were the insane measurements for cheesecake model Betty Brosmer in her heyday. Arguably the world's first/finest supermodel, Brosmer appeared in over 300 publications before co-founding a magazine aptly titled Shape.



This is the phone number of the Mojave Phone Booth. Before Chat Roulette, you had to go out into the middle of the desert to connect with random strangers from around the world. The booth is gone, but the number still works.

John 3:16


That's the Bible verse you'll find on the bottom of your cup of pink lemonade at every In-N-Out Burger location. While much more subtle in their piety than Chick-Fil-A, every single container/wrapper given out by the chain has a subliminal Biblical verse stamped on it somewhere.

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