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The Top 8 Weird And Wonderful Student Jobs

Getting a student job doesn’t just have to mean working evenings at a dingy pub – over the years Joblink have had numerous weird and wonderful vacancies. We take a look at some of the more unusual student jobs.

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1. Threat Analyst


Far more James Bond than most uni jobs, this role at Healix International had students identifying possible security threats to international business travellers. At £9.30 an hour it provided the perfect opportunity to upgrade those Jagerbombs to Martinis – shaken, not stirred, please.

2. Poker Dealer


This glitzy role provided students with the opportunity to try their hand at being a casino dealer - and you didn’t even have to travel to Vegas to do it. In 2014 Grosvenor Casino were expanding their casino in Leeds Westgate and sought out students to help them run it.

4. Roller Skating Hen Party Hosts


If you’re a whizz on wheels (or just enjoy watching people skate around trying not to crash into each other) Sk8 Leeds offered a fantastic vacancy running "Hen A Mania" – a rollerskating event for Hen Parties.

5. Mystery Shopper


They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but if you’re willing to be a Mystery Shopper, there could be. Service Scan Evaluations Ltd are currently looking for students to evaluate cafes, restaurants, gyms and more in the Leeds area and will pay you to do it. So don your best Mystery Shopper disguise and get reviewing.

8. Games Master/Mistress


So it may not be to Hunger Game proportions but you will get to be the master/ mistress of the Locked In Leeds games. If being the ruler of other's destiny and a passion for puzzles is your bag - apply here.

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