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The Leadership Race - How Those Who Lost, Actually Won

Many run in the Race, not all can claim the Exec title. But even if you don't get to be an Exec representing 30k students, running in the Race gives you loads of skills that mean you ultimately win anyway! Here's a little look at what some of those who lost are up to now...

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Helena Goode - Now Clubs and Societies Coordinator at LUU

Helena Goode / Via Google

Helena ran in the 2015/16 Race, and now supports student leaders and volunteers in their activities. She found running equipped her with being better at public speaking experience, making some new mates, strengthening of personal and professional relationships and learning more about herself and LUU.

Anna Colgan - Now Travelling & Teaching English in Chilie

Anna Colgan / Via LinkedIn

Anna ran in the 2013/14 Leadership Race. She says "I learnt a lot of great skills for future jobs including time management, budget management, marketing, design, public speaking. I also learnt loads about the running of the students' union, the university as a whole and about the different experiences and needs of different students, which came in handy when I worked at the university and union next in various roles. Also on a more personal level, as opposed to career development, I learnt a lot about my interests and passions and that pushing myself and take myself out of my comfort zone and it's not as scary as you might think."

Noha Abou El Magd - Now a PhD Student in Bristol


A candidate from 2014, Noha says managing a campaign was a great organising tool for her, and that the role "opened up new interests for me and made some great memories with friends."

Matthias De Ruyver - Now Marketing at a 3D Printing Firm

Ran in the 15/16 Race. Matthias found running in the Race pretty useful "Turns out Rich (my mentor) is an incredibly smart guy. Thought he was setting me up for a loss when he asked what "winning" was to me, but really all I wanted was for my main two housing policies to be implemented effectively. Although I was nowhere close to winning the position, by running I raised awareness and swayed the discussion towards housing issues. Jamie (current Community Exec) already signed in the ban on promoting landlords with fees and last I heard the university is developing the rent guarantor scheme under the pressure of the supporters I made during campaigning. So in a nut shell, you don't need to be in power to implement your policies. Use the election as a megaphone to raise enough support and it'll implement itself."

Liron Velleman - Now Campaigns Officer for Union of Jewish Students (UJS) and Youth & Students Officer of Jewish Labour Movement

Liron Velleman / Via HerCampus

The 2015/16 runner said "I loved the experience of running [and] I learnt a lot about the demands of running a large election campaign, a lot about how to coordinate a team to be motivated to run a campaign for me and how to take knocks in life and recover from them." - sounds like the experience paid off!

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