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Moving Into Halls

Leaving home and moving into a new one at University can be very daunting. To try and help with the process, halls exec James Bradshaw has compiled a list of helpful hints…

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Build up some friendships / Via

One important thing to do when you get to University is to try and make friends. It sounds obvious but making the effort to chat to people can be the difference between a great time in halls and a bad time. Try bringing some snacks or drinks with you when you move in to share with new people you meet.

Ooohh FRIEND! / Via

Don’t worry if you don’t hit it off with the people living with you. Try getting to know people in the other flats around you to see if there’s other people with more similar interests to you. Whatever those interests are, there is bound to be a club or society out there for you so just register your interest to get some more info.

Do not worry, everyone is in the same situation / Via

There’s plenty of other opportunities to make friends at university too! You’ll meet people on your course in your classes and make sure you join some clubs and societies through the union. Just remember that everyone is in the same boat and everyone is nervous.

Take part in a pizza the non-alcohol action / Via

Freshers' week is well known for being jam packed with stuff going on. It is true that this week will be excellent for going out and partying, and there’s loads of opportunities to do stuff during the day too.

Of course, it’s best to get involved with as many events that you like the sound of, but it’s also nice to give your body a break from booze. Sup on on some free Wonder Water handed out at our venues or try having a night in at one of your accommodation’s many in-hall events. Maybe try a games night, a pizza night or even the Union's Dine Along film screening on the 22 September.

Keep yourself healthy / Via

Freshers flu is real. Having recently been a university fresher I can assure you that in the first few weeks of university pretty much everyone will get ill. If you want to avoid this then throw some fruit and veg into your diet, Salad Box is always here for your healthy fix.

Cook a spag bol....again / Via

If you’re in a self-catered accommodation it is important to be prepared. I recommend learning three staple meals you can cook which are fairly cheap and are nutritious. Being away from home you might even start to miss vegetables!

If you want to be extra healthy, check out our Honest Edibles event on the 23 September to learn about exciting raw food for you to devour.

Just enjoy it / Via

The most important thing to do is enjoy yourself. If you do it right, your first year of university can be the best year of your life. But it’s down to you! Make an effort to make friends and get involved as soon as possible when you get to university.

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