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International Student Glossary

Coming to Leeds for the first time? Learn some of the words that people in Leeds and the UK might use.

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Cuppa / Via Giphy

Whether referred to as a “brew” or a “cuppa” or even a “hot bevvie”, all these things are talking about a cup of tea. It’s a standard favourite for any UK student, so get practicing.

Heya / Via Giphy

“Heya!” “Hi” “Hey” are all more relaxed ways to greet your friends. You may hear people saying “Alright?” this is a less formal way of saying “how are you?”, and in Yorkshire specifically you may even hear people saying “Ey Up?” which means the same.


English people are renowned for being polite, but younger British people like a more casual “thank you”. You can say things like “cheers”, “nice one” or “ta”. “Cheers” can also be said when you are raising your drinks glasses to celebrate a toast.

Made Up

You’re bound to have loads of different emotions throughout your Uni experience. And how would you describe them in slang? Try “I’m chuffed” or “I’m made up” if you’re feeling pleased, or “I’m gutted” if you are really sad or disappointed. If you’re excited you could say “I’m buzzing” or if you’re annoyed or frustrated you might say “that’s doing my head in”.

Skint / Via Giphy

It’s a well known fact that most students don’t have much money. So you may hear these terms a lot: “skint” which means lacking money, “that’s cheap” which may be used to describe something that is inexpensive. A “rip-off” is something too expensive and “rolling in it” means you are well off, for example “I got my student loan in, now I’m rolling in it”.

Some common words for some objects

Yes, the English have their very own slang words for everyday objects too, have a look below.

Food and Drink

Coming to the UK, you may want to “get stuck in” (take part) to lots of new foods and flavours, let’s talk you through a few things that may be on the menu. You can also go on a Food Crawl here to sample what Leeds has to offer.

Fry Up

fyupgoodornot / Via Google

Also called a “full english breakfast” it is usually eggs, sausages, bacon, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, toast and mushrooms. And of course a good brew is the drink of choice.

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