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9 Things You’ve Always Wanted To Ask A Muslim

LUU Islamic Society gives us an honest list of burning questions you may have about Islam.

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1. Are you allowed to be a feminist?

To say the Qur’aan includes an entire chapter dedicated to women, and given that heaven lies under the feet of the mother who deserves our utmost respect, and the fact that in Prophet Muhammad’s final sermon before his death he addressed treating women with dignity and respect… I think it’s pretty safe to say that you can be Muslim and a feminist.

2. What do you actually think about ISIS?

Well, what would you think about a group that terrorizes, murders, rapes and destroys innocent lives, all the while claiming to hold the same beliefs as you? Islam teaches us that all life is equally sacred. We’re all children of Adam and Eve! As Prophet Muhammad said, killing a life is like killing the whole of mankind, and saving a life is like saving the whole of mankind. Believe me; we want peace just as much as you.

3. Have you ever had a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Islam teaches that God has created us in pairs and that each and every one of us has a partner destined for us (basically a soulmate). Muslims believe marriage is sacred, pure and is even an act of worship that pleases God. So essentially, having relationships outside of the boundaries of marriage is a no-no.

4. What actually is halal meat?

Meat is made “halal”, or permissible, given the process in which it is slaughtered. In Islam, this involves the cutting of the throat (carotid artery of the animal to be specific) with a sharp blade in a rapid kill to completely minimise the pain of the animal. During this process, a prayer is recited by a Muslim. Contrary to popular belief, this process actually minimises the pain of the animal as it is killed in one straight cut as opposed to a lengthy, constant stunning!

PS. did you know – Kosher meat is completely halal for Muslims to consume too?

5. How do you have fun without drinking?

So the majority opinion in Islam is that alcohol is a big no-no. But it’s not only Muslims who choose to live a sober life. More and more socials are becoming alcohol-free, and you might be surprised, they can be fun, entertaining and hey, you won’t be hungover (so you can do it all over again the next day)

6. You’re always segregated, are you afraid of the opposite sex?

Muslims pray in a segregated fashion so that utmost focus can be made for prayer. However, the rest of the time, just as we lived in a mixed society, Muslims do the same. In more conservative countries and societies, men and women may spend less time together so a degree of shyness or awkwardness is natural. All in all, men and women are discouraged

from getting super close unless they’re family or married to one another. But to answer the question – no, we are not afraid of the opposite sex.

7. Why do you pray so much?

Cos we got 99 problems and prayer fixes them all! Muslims offer 5 obligatory prayers at various times throughout each day; before sunrise, at midday, in the afternoon, at sunrise and finally at night. God teaches us that through prayer we find the solutions to all our worries and stresses.

8. Are you trying to convert me?

As Muslims we believe that everyone has free will (so when you leave those deadlines to the last minute that was all you!) and we cannot coerce anyone into religion. We spread the message of peace and love through our words and actions, but ultimately guidance is brought from God alone who fosters faith in our hearts.

9. Why is Muhammed so important to you guys?

Muhammad is believed to be the final prophet of God and the best of mankind. So Muslims try their best to live life following his teachings and example but that does not mean we worship him. In fact, we also love and believe in all the other prophets and messengers that came before him like Noah, Moses, Ibrahim and Jesus.

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