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9 Signs Your Friend Could Be In A Toxic Relationship

When somebody is in a toxic relationship, whether it’s with a partner, family member or even a flatmate, it can sometimes be difficult for them to realise that what they’re experiencing isn’t healthy, and to make excuses for other people’s unacceptable behaviour. For those on the outside however, the signs can sometimes be clearer. If you're worried about a friend, you can speak to LUU Advice.

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1. They’re having their phone, social media or internet history checked without their permission

Everybody has a right to privacy, and people’s phone, social media and internet history is their own business.

2. They’re becoming isolated from friends and family

People who subject others to toxic relationships sometimes try and people off from their friends and family, to have more control over them.

3. Their whereabouts is constantly being checked by somebody


Worrying about other people’s safety is one thing, but if somebody is always being checked up on, or having their location followed digitally, that’s not okay.

4. They’re finding it hard to study or make their own uni choices

Toxic relationships can sometimes end up in bad grades and missed deadlines.

5. Their self-confidence being undermined

Chipping away at somebody’s self-confidence is sometimes used as a way to get more control over them - another sign of a toxic relationship.

6. They don’t have control of their own money

If somebody you know doesn’t seem to be in charge of their own money, it might mean that they’re being controlled.

7. They’re being unfairly accused of cheating

Somebody who is being unfairly accused of cheating a lot is likely to be the victim of someone else’s insecurities, which is another sign of a toxic relationship.

8. They’ve been on the receiving end of argumentative, aggressive or physical behaviour

It’s never okay for somebody to be overly argumentative, aggressive or physical in a relationship, whatever the situation.

9. They seem nervous, stressed or scared

If your friend seems nervous, stressed or even scared, or just isn’t themselves, they could be in a toxic relationship.

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