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6 Reasons You Should Leave House Hunting Until After Your January Exams

Here's a slice of honest advice for any first years who may be feeling the stress or pressure to get house hunting already…

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1. House Hunting Season Officially Kicks off on 22 Jan

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With our Landlord Fair in the Riley Smith Theatre, don't jump the gun and end up in a below par property like these guys.

2. Some landlords show their poorer houses in November/December to get them rented at a higher price

Some landlords take advantage of the early house hunters, sensing that they may just want to sign up and get it over with. They will show the houses that are not as well maintained or have more than their share of hidden problems. This is because many students at this stage don’t ask too many questions.

3. There’s a huge oversupply of housing in Leeds

There’s over 3,000 spare beds left each year in student neighbourhoods. The longer you leave it, the more desperate the landlords get for new tenants, so you can negotiate a better deal. Most students sign in February/March time.

4. You'll have more time to research which landlords are lovely and which ones really aren't

You can find out here, on our Rate Your Landlord site (like TripAdvisor for landlords). You can also rate your own experiences to give a hand to your fellow peers. You should also check to see if the agency or landlord are part of Unipol's Code of Standards - that should give you a hint to who the good eggs are.

5. You’ll have more time to think about who to live with

Let’s be honest. We’ve all clocked that group. Friends for life from the moment they liked each other’s comment on the Halls Facebook page in August and realised they both had profile pics of themselves at Parklife last summer. Ask any wise, old final year, how much of a nightmare second year can be when people rush into groups for housing. Take your time. Do you want to live with clean beans or are you more low-maintenance? How much do you all want to pay? No matter where you end up living, the people you have to see day-in, day-out, really are the ones who make or break the experience.

6. But don’t worry…

Whether you jump the gun and sign early, or leave it later, LUU and Unipol are both constantly on hand with advice and support. At LUU, pop in to our Help and Support area and they’ll be able to give you all the help you need and they can also check your contract too (landlords are supposed to give you 24 hours for free to get contracts checked!). Unipol also have an office on Woodhouse Lane near Central Village where you can get all the guidance you need.

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