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6 LibCo Campaigns That Will Inspire You

You might not have heard of our Liberation Coordinators before, but you’ll definitely have spotted what these12 activists have achieved.

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1. Melanin Magic

Leeds University Union

Organised by our BME and Women’s LibCos, these two weeks of events tackled the issues women of colour face and celebrated their achievements. Jam-packed with events including talks on Feminism and Grime, a live recording of podcast Melanin Millennials and a panel discussion on Muslim Women Who Slay - it's even been nominated for a Riley!

2. Galentine’s Day / Via

In February 2016, our Women’s LibCos (including your current Equality and Diversity officer Emma) organised a festival full of talks and workshops to celebrate all women and non-binary people on campus. There was crafts, yoga, vertical fitness classes, talks on Islam and Feminism and even workshops on self-love.

3. “When did you come out as straight?”

Leeds University Union

As part of our LGBTQ+ History Month this year, our LGBTQ+ LibCos ran a campaign challenging people’s perceptions about gender and sexuality. You'll have seen the posters asking questions like “when did you come out as straight?” This year's LibCos are also working on mapping out gender-neutral toilets across campus and setting up a trans student network.

4. Consent workshops / Via

In November 2015, your Women’s LibCos passed policy at our Better University forum, meaning we could start working with the University to run consent workshops. We did them in halls in September 2016, and we’ll be running more this year.

5. “I’m not your good deed for the day” / Via

We ran our biggest ever Disability History Month this year and we couldn't have done it without our Disability LibCos. They got comedian Francesca Martinez to give a talk and ran workshops and academic talks on women and disability.

You'll probably have seen their “I’m not your good deed for the day” banner outside the Union.

6. #AccessibleLUU / Via

It doesn't stop there. The Disability LibCos have also been working with Emma, your Equality and Diversity officer on accessibility during our Union Upgrade. Check out the hashtag #accessibleLUU for up to date info on what's happening in our building.

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