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8 Reasons You Should Join Us For A Trip To South Africa...

You might not know this but every year we take a group of students to South Africa with us on our Gryphons Abroad project. Below are the real reasons why you should get involved...

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Meet some VERY cool kids!

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You get to visit an orphanage where you'll meet some of the coolest kid's ever. Many of the children are looked after by their siblings and although they have a difficult childhood they are some of the happiest children you'll ever meet.

It will help you land that dream job...

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We will teach you loads of new skills from fixing bikes, leadership and coaching skills to media and photography...! These will help you make your CV even better so you land that dream job once you leave Leeds.

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You'll fundraise a whopping £2000, which can sound a bit scary but as a group we'll do it together and have a lot of fun! Plus being able to tell people you've raised that much money is pretty impressive.

It's life-changing...

This project is life-changing for both you and the children you meet in South Africa. You will feel on top of the world once it's all over, students who went last year have told us "I am so glad I've seized this opportunity, it's been the best 2 weeks ever and I have gained so much confidence. I'ts been amazing."

Get Involved...

Find out more about Gryphons Abroad online here.

If you want to apply for this awesome project all you need to do is email us (1 side of A4 max) answering the following question:

Why do you want to be part of the team and what could you offer?

Email your answer to Andy:

Closing Date – 2nd October

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