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7 Reasons We Love Sport

Who needs another half when you've got sport in your life? Here are 7 reasons why we'll be cosying up to sport this valentines day

LeedsSport One year ago

What's On After Easter

How quick has this year flown by? We're heading in to final term which inevitably means its revision time again. But before that begins, we've got a jam packed 2 weeks of sporting action to keep the exam blues at bay

LeedsSport 2 years ago

8 Reasons You Should Join Us For A Trip To South Africa...

You might not know this but every year we take a group of students to South Africa with us on our Gryphons Abroad project. Below are the real reasons why you should get involved...

LeedsSport 3 years ago

10 Leeds Sport Events Not To Miss This Year

So it's the start of the new academic year, you want to get involved with sport at Leeds. What to go to? Let us help you out with our top 10 sports events not to miss this year...

LeedsSport 3 years ago

Reasons Why Leeds Varsity Is The Best!

Leeds Varsity, the biggest, most exciting display of University rivalry there is. Each academic year, the Gryphon's take on our local rivals in our annual sporting competition to fight for the infamous Varsity Victory title. Here are 7 reasons why we think Leeds tops all other Varsity's!

LeedsSport 3 years ago

10 Facts We Bet You Don't Know About The Olympic Games

Rio 2016 has arrived but we bet you didn't know these 10 Olympic facts...

LeedsSport 3 years ago