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If You Can Escape The Evil Wizard And His Castle, You Deserve To Have Your Own Fantasy Series

Trust us – you're not ready for this adventure.

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Part 1: Rescue Your Friend

You're driving your car through an abandoned forest with your friend when you suddenly hit a pothole. The car lurches, and your sunglasses go flying out the window! You go to retrieve them, but when you come back, you see that your friend is missing, and you see an Evil Wizard running away with a body-sized bag and hear your friend's muffled yells. You run after the wizard and call out, “Stop right there!” Unfortunately, you can’t keep up with him on foot so you run back to your car and start driving in their direction. To your dismay, by the time you catch up to them, the Evil Wizard has disappear inside a dark castle along with your kidnapped friend... Let the adventure begin.

Part 2: The Evil Wizard

You've just rescued your friend, and now the two of you run and try to escape out the front door, but it's locked. Your friend tells you that the Evil Wizard has the key to the door. You must be sneaky in order to get the key and defeat the Evil Wizard. Good luck...

Part 3: Escape the Castle

You and your friend now have the key. All you have to do is get from the spell room to the front door. But be warned – this castle has many tricks and spooks up its sleeve so be careful! Good luck, my friend...

Thanks for embarking on this adventure!

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