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Private School Threatens Suspension For Teens With "Not Natural Hair"

The administration at Charlotte Catholic Highschool in North Carolina is forcing their students with two toned hair colors or any color that they deem 'not natural' to dye them, or face the consequences.

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Charlotte Catholic High school's Extreme Hair Code

Charlotte Catholic Highschool, a private school in North Carolina, has strictly forbid students from having two-toned hair that isn't their natural born hair or short hair for girls that is high above the shoulders.

Those restrictions caused uproar among the students as they are being reprimanded for something a trivial as hair color.

The real question here that needs to be asked is: why?

Why is this rule against hair necessary?

There have been no known complaints about it from students or teachers, so it isn't a distraction to anyone's education. It also isn't affecting the student in a harmful way.

So why does it matter?

The real answer to that question would be that the administration at the high school wants everyone to fit their status quo of what normal is. The students already wear uniforms and the only other way they can physically express themselves is through their hair and accessories.

Girls with brown and blonde highlights are being taken out of class and reprimanded just because they weren't born with those highlights or ombre. Girls with pixie cuts are being told that their hair isn't "girlie" enough and too "radical".

But the problem isn't just with girls, boys are receiving the same treatment. If anyone who has a distinct amount of two colored hair is seen they are threatened with suspension if they don't comply to dyeing it back.

That also brings up the question: is hair color more important than education?

This could go both ways, the students should just dye it back because it won't be a hassle some say. But wouldn't it be even less of a hassle if the rule was abolished in the first place?

The education of the students should always be a top priority but when you threaten to take that away from them just because of their hair, isn't that a tad juvenile?

It is reasonable to not want bright and outrageous colors in the school, but simplistic hair dye like ombre, blonde highlights, brown highlights, and dark shades of red shouldn't be against the dress code.

There has been a constant battle between administration and dress codes from all over the country, but it's time we resolve these conflicts instead of pushing them aside.

Students have created a petition for the hair dye/style rule and it desperately needs your help to get resolved, please sign and share the petition:

Charlotte Catholic Petition

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