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    • leaws

      ‘Putting a rabbit in trance’ does not mean the animal likes to be that way. I don’t understand why you think the nostrils aren’t flaring, they obviously are and expanded as wide as possible with fear. Screaming is last resort, do we really have to go that way, because everything else is just ‘fun’…? Isn’t it enough to put an animal in a position where it is obviously not comfortable and wants to get out of it? It tries several times to escape, which is bad enough.
      You can offer them a shallow container with pure water only if you really think your rabbit might enjoy a bath, where it can decide itself if it wants to be in there and when it wants to go out again. But forcing it into a sink by lying it on the back and then washing it with a human beauty product is far from being a good idea, quite the opposite.
      You advise others to inform on rabbit behaviours - please update your knowledge on proper rabbit care. What is shown here is not at all part of proper rabbit care. Unless there is a medical condition that makes it unavoidable to bathe a rabbit, it is simply animal cruelty and nothing else.

    • leaws

      Unless your vet told you to bathe your rabbit plus gave you instructions what kind of shampoo to use - or even better, prescribe a special shampoo, not some random L’Oreal beauty product (which usually includes some kind of softeners that are meant to make your human hair soft and untangled and stays in the hair - great idea (not!!), bunny licks its fur afterwards to get clean and swallows all the stuff)! - bathing a rabbit is not a good idea. The poor little fella here is obviously in panic. I cannot grasp why someone commented that its nostrils are not flaring, they clearly are. Please do not follow this ‘idea’ and decide to give your rabbit a bath unless you are told to do so by a vet. If there is no medical reason to bathe a rabbit, you commit animal cruelty and nothing else, even if you get the impression it likes to be bathed. It. Does. Not. Like. It.

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