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"Smells Like Teen Spirit” Covered As A Folk Song

Here you are now, just ready for us to entertain you!

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There is no need for loading up on guns, just let us tell you the story of revived Teen Revolution Anthem!

You might think that it’s just another “many times heard” cover of the beloved, but mainstream song and well, truly It’s not like there haven’t been enough variations of the song, but this particular one may sway and dazzle you.

Creative advertising agency Leavingstone

Which is based in Georgia (The country, not the state) had a totally different take on Nirvana's masterpiece and managed to sweep the Silver Prize for their cover in Music Adaptation Category at London International Awards held in Las Vegas just few days earlier.

"We still feel as if we're teenagers because we don't follow the guidelines of what's expected of us to be adults, It also has kind of a teen revolutionary theme." - Kurt Cobain said in one of his interviews about the song.

This was the insight of the advertisement. The idea was to blend contemporary with outdated traditions, wine in this instance, in order to get a fascinating mix that would appeal to Georgian Youth.

In their ad for wine, Leavingstone combined Georgian Folk Choir singing with "Smells like teen spirit" and the mixture did the trick!

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They say that music has the capacity to tear down boundaries, and in this case music truly connected with the audience on the emotional level and made them rethink how they drink wine. In lyrics "why I taste" is said, and reason for giving a taste to this particular wine and for devoting few minutes to listening to this cover is the simultaneous sensation of experiencing cultural fusion with raw rioting flavor, that astonishes with its unnatural essence.

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