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  • Watch The Only Band BANNED From The Viper Room

    Salems Lott is an American “Shock Metal” band formed in Hollywood, California. They are known for their high-energy and excessively violent stage performances. The band utilizes psycho theater and Hi-tech musicianship that involves a chainsaw sacrifice, upside down guitar solos and backwards drumming. Their Debut EP features 7 tracks of unrelenting, in-your-face Heavy Metal. Combining elements of bands such as Megadeth, Motley Crue, X-Japan, King Diamond, WASP, Alice Cooper, Racer X, Seduce, Icon, Aion (JAP), Cinderella, Dead End, Judas Priest, D.P.S., Ozzy Osbourne and Accept.

  • Salems Lott - No Choice To Love [Teaser]

    The Official Teaser for Salems Lott’s “No Choice to Love” from their Self-Titled Debut EP out January 21st 2015. Download “No Choice to Love” on iTunes Now: http://hyperurl.co/heryzx Follow Salems Lott: https://www.facebook.com/salemslottband https://www.youtube.com/user/salemslo… http://salemslott.com/

  • Women Own The Music Industry

    “Over 2/3 of Top Single Download purchases were of artists with a female majority fanbase” “Over 80% of Top Album purchases were of artists with a female majority fanbase”

  • Rock Stars Then VS Now: New Rock And Metal Blow!

    Simply summarized, Rock Stars of the past strove to be great songwriters AND great performers. Not ashamed of success or excess; Rock stars of the past were macho, immodest, arrogant idols that continuously pushed the boundaries of entertaining performances, chart topping songs and legendary lifestyles.

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